What is Faster At Work?

Faster at Work is a suite of products and services offered by the Eric Mack Company. Faster At Work is designed to help busy professionals use their Microsoft Office 365 tools to spend more of their time doing meaningful work, so they can make a greater impact. We apply our founder’s trademark productivity practices to help our clients be productive instead of busy.

Our logo symbolizes the relationship between “greater impact” and “less effort.” These are two sides of the same coin: you make a greater impact by doing less.

What Faster At Work can do for you

See the list of services we offer to help you make a greater impact with less effort.

Our other brands

Faster At Work takes our systematic Intentionally Productive™ approach and applies it to Office 365. The table below gives more information about our other brands:

Eric Mack Company logo: Work smarter, gain an edgeOur company provides Intentionally Productive, Faster at Work, and eProductivity services to help you gain an edge. Learn more.
Intentionally Productive logo: Be productive, not busyOur unique, systematic approach to help you make a greater impact with less effort.

You can learn more about what Intentionally Productive is and how you can apply it to the way you work here.
eProductivity logo: more done, less stressThe premier productivity application for GTD® practitioners, designed around the world-renowned Getting Things Done® methodology and certified by David Allen. Learn more.