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eProductivity is the only GTD® application recognized as GTD Enabled™ by David Allen

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Hello, I’m Eric Mack, the creator of eProductivity™, the only productivity application designated by David Allen as GTD Inside because of its excellence as a GTD implementation tool for people serious about getting things done. In fact, eProductivity is the GTD application David used daily for over a decade, an achievement I am very proud of.

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In the course of creating eProductivity, I developed and relied upon specific design principles I consider essential for any successful productivity application. (See below). I also gained valuable experience about what does and what doesn’t work as far as essential features, workflow, and user adoption – most importantly what it took to create a product David would adopt himself. (It took 4 years to arrive at a model that David would choose to use over all other solutions. You can learn more about that in our podcasts, below.)

My work is deeply grounded in GTD and David Allen gave my product, eProductivity, the only GTD Enabled certification for GTD Software that met his criteria for a superb application that delivers GTD functionality.

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While there are many wonderful productivity solutions on the market, only eProductivity quickly became recognized as the second best GTD software application out there. (As David explains, his ultimate GTD solution still has yet to be created!)

For end-users

Looking for software to support your GTD Practice?

  • End-user eProductivity licenses are no longer available for sale*
  • I’m no longer developing my own software
  • I recommend that you join the GTD Connect Community and see the many products mentioned and reviewed there
  • You can contact me for coaching about how to set up your own productivity system using the tools you already have

For developers, product managers, investor

Interested in developing productivity software?

I’m available to consult, advise, and assist developers and teams creating tools.

  • Product Review from GTD design perspective with written summary and recommendations. This is a service for your developer/design team
  • I’m available to speak with your product designers and share my journey designing and vetting eProductivity with David Allen and deploying around the world
  • I’m available to walk your team through David Allen’s ultimate GTD Application screens and answer questions you may have
  • Other consulting services around enhancing or vetting your productivity software

Let’s talk about how I can help! Contact me.

Why am I offering these services, and why now?

David and I would both like to see his vision for the ultimate GTD software come to fruition. Neither of us are interested in running a software company*; however, we do want to encourage and help others to design products in support of the GTD Methodology.

In 2019, I stopped selling individual licenses of eProductivity software and David decided to give away his design screens, in an effort to encourage others to pick up the baton and develop an application we can all benefit from.

I’ve worked closely with David Allen for 30 years, 15 while I led development at eProductivity. I am available to share that experience with you to help you jumpstart or enhance your product development. Listen to what David Allen has to say…

* The proven logic and source code to eProductivity are available for sale to a qualified organization that would like to continue development or adapt the technology into their own product. Contact me for details. 

Free resources to boost your GTD application

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Eric’s 5 Design Principles for Productivity Software:

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Disclaimer: While David Allen recommends my services to anyone working to create a better GTD application, use of my services does not imply endorsement of your product by David Allen or the David Allen Company.

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