Our Faster at Work services (based on our Intentionally Productive Framework™ ) are designed to help you use Office 365 to make a greater impact with less effort.

We offer:

  • Presentations
  • Training and Workshops
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Consulting

See below for more details.


Typically between 30 and 90 minutes in length, our presentations are customized for your key objectives, audience, and time. We have covered variety of topics in the areas of knowledge management, productivity and technology.

Examples include:

  • Faster at Work with Office 365: Four Steps to Greater Impact with Less Effort
  • Office 365 Optimization: Getting the Most out of What You Have

Training and Workshops

These deliver a specific outcome (for example, using OneNote to hold more effective meetings). Training sessions are typically shorter, incorporating visual aids and discussions, while workshops are typically half a day or longer and include more hands-on exercises and activities.

These sessions are a great way to equip people with our Faster at Work approach to making a greater impact with less effort.

Topics for training and workshops

Many of the services we provide are highly customized to our client’s audience, skill level and work requirements. The following is a list of some of our more popular topics (arranged by our Intentionally Produce Framework). If you don’t see a topic you want, feel free to suggest one — we’d love to help you!

Think differently

  • How to think about your knowledge, methods, and tools in concert

Manage your focus

  • Beyond email alerts: How to manage distractions (both internal and external)
  • Office 365 task management tools: Drive your actions (instead of letting them drive you)
  • Your desktop and you: How to engineer your environment for maximum focus

Leverage your knowledge

  • OneNote and OneDrive for individuals: Self-organization and information management
  • OneNote and SharePoint for teams: How to set up a system to share information and collaborate
  • What to store where in Office 365: Information management for individuals and teams using OneDrive, SharePoint, and OneNote
  • How to create checklists for predictable success
  • Sharing knowledge across your team and organization with SharePoint, OneDrive, and OneNote

Master your methods

  • How to create a total productivity system in Office 365: Optimizing your tools
  • Email effectiveness:
    • How to quickly get to empty while managing the volume
    • How to send emails that get quicker and more favorable responses
    • How to move from sending to sharing and cut email volume by 50%
  • Meeting effectiveness: Using Office 365 tools for more efficient, effective meetings
  • Effective collaboration with Office 365: Productive practices with Teams, Planner, and more

Make your tools work for you

  • Which tool to use for what in Office 365: Your digital toolkit
  • How to use Office 365 on mobile to work anywhere: Our productive practices
  • When and how to use Teams to communicate effectively
  • Automate the approval process with Microsoft Flow
  • Top 10 flows for productivity and how to build them

Habitualize everything

  • How to make success predictable using habits and routines
  • How to form and keep more effective habits

Improve continuously

  • How to review your systems and habits to keep them running smoothly
  • How to use after-action reviews to learn from what you do

1:1 Coaching

This personal coaching session is designed to address your specific needs and help you make a greater impact at work. Our executive coach will work with you to uncover and address your greatest challenges. 

Contact us so we can help you make a greater impact with less effort.